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导读:各位 Everyone, 请有序离开 please keep moving in an orderly fashion 去安全区域 to the designated safe area. 我的天 这是我见过最"大"的火了 My God, that's the biggest damn fire I've never seen. 我讨厌消防演习 I hate fire


各位 Everyone, 请有序离开 please keep moving in an orderly fashion 去安全区域 to the designated safe area. 我的天 这是我见过最"大"的火了 My God, that's the biggest damn fire I've never seen. 我讨厌消防演习 I hate fire drills. 市里要求我们每三年一次 City mandates we do 'em every three years. 可敌不过市政厅 Can't fight city hall. 消防警报时 12 点 20 分拉响 First alarm was triggered at 12:20. 电话三十秒后今来 Call came in 30 seconds later. 12 点 43 分全副武装到现场 Boots down, hoses out by 12:43. 那是多少 That's what? 比指定响应时间慢了四分钟 Four minutes over our allotted response time. 扎心了 那会给我们减分 Ouch, that's gonna cost us some points. 有人得给新消防局长解释解释了 Somebody's gonna have to explain that to the new fire marshal. 格兰德路上有辆抛锚的巴士挡了双向车道 There was a stalled bus blocking both directions on Grand. 车辆没法避让给路 所以我们迟到了 Vehicles couldn't clear a path, which delayed our arrival. 但是 144 局六分钟就到现场了 And yet the 144 managed a response time in under six minutes. 比 118 局早了整整 17 分钟 That's a full 17 minutes ahead of the 118. 144 局只离这五个街区 The 144 is five block away. 我知道 巴比 真的 I hear you, Bobby, I do, 我也想帮忙 and--and--and I wanna help. 但我得不偏不倚 I gotta be impartial here, you know?

听着 如果我要干这种文书工作 Look, if I'm gonna do this kind of light duty, 我就得认真干 I gotta take it seriously, 严格照章办事 gotta be strictly by the book, 就像你希望我的那样 just how you would want me to be. 不管怎样 我为你骄傲 For what it's worth, I'm proud of you. 我很高兴你没有受一点挫折 I'm glad you didn't throw away your career 就放弃了事业 just 'cause you had a little setback. 我从海啸中学会了一件事 I learned one thing from that tsunami: 那就是我不放弃 我抗争 it's that I don't quit. I fight. 我会一直抗争 I'm gonna keep on fighting 直到我回到自己的归宿 until I get back to where I belong: 和我的团队一起灭这种假火 with my team putting out fake fires like this one. 你太享受这一切了 You're enjoying this way too much. 小心别堵塞楼道交通 Be careful not to logjam at the stairwells. 我得 I have to-他们为什么非得午餐时演习 Why do they always do these things during lunch? 我的通心粉都要变成糊糊了 My carbonara's gonna turn to mush. 我不知道 I don't know. 你还好吗 You okay? 这不是真正的火灾 It's not a real fire. 有狗仔队要拍你吗 You expecting paparazzi? 这是场假火 为什么我们不能用假水管 This is a fake fire. Why can't we use a fake hose?

巴克 我们表现如何 Hey, Buck, how we doing? 你还是别问了 You don't wanna know. 艾伦 Alan? 我觉得艾伦癫痫发作了 Think Alan's having a seizure. 我们先把你抬上车 Let's get you up first. 慢点 轻点 Nice and easy. Easy, easy. 这些事无法预见 These things are unpredictable. 癫痫发作可能由闪烁灯光引起 Epileptic seizures could be triggered by strobing lights, 甚至是声音 even sounds. 我觉得太丢脸了 I'm just so embarrassed. 无需如此 No need to be. 癫痫已经过去了 The event seems over. 为保险起见 我们带你去医院 Just to be safe, we're gonna get you to the hospital, okay? -谢谢 -你好 - Thanks. - Hey, there. 蔡斯·麦基 十楼的麦基 加斯金和惠特莫尔律所 Chase Mackey, tenth floor, Mackey, Gaskin & Whitmore. 我想让你知道 我全都看见了 I want you to know I saw everything 我有理由相信这栋大楼 and I have reason to believe this building 不符合《美国残疾人法案》 is not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 有几个法律解决途径 可供你参考 There's several legal options you might wish to consider. 先生 Sir? 你最好等他们进救护车了 You might wanna wait until they're in the ambulance 再来咄咄逼人 before you start chasing it.

好吧 Okay. 还好这不是真的火警 Well, it's a good thing this wasn't an actual five-alarm fire. 是啊 这是好事 Yeah, that is a good thing. 你们队少了一人 也许不是好事 Probably doesn't help that you're a man down. 我肯定会在报告里提及这点 You know, I will be sure to mention that in my report. 谢谢 Thanks. 不客气 No problem. 你玩的时间比我多一倍 You've had it twice as long as me. 这不是你的游戏机 It's not even your game. 丹尼 让哈里玩一局 Denny, let Harry have a turn. 他怎么不玩自己的玩具 Why can't he play with his own stuff? 别闹了 Cut it out. 友好点 不然我把游戏机拿走 Play nice, or I'll take the game away. 我们还有一轮测试 We have one more round of tests, 然后就开始刺激排卵 and then we do the trigger shot to induce ovulation. 36 小时后 我们就取出卵子 36 hours later, we go in for the egg retrieval. 医生希望能有 15 个 Doctor's hoping to grab 15. 15 个卵子 15 eggs? 你们不是只想要一个孩子吗 I thought you two wanted a baby, 这是要组一支棒球队啊 not a baseball team. 对 每个阶段都会失去一半卵子 No, we're expected to lose half at every stage of the process, 最开始 15 个 so we start with 15

最后希望能有 2 到 3 个可用的胚胎 in the hopes of getting 2 or 3 viable embryos. 好吧 Okay. 我一直是"优等生" Well, I've always been an overachiever, 最后肯定是"多产多生" so my money's on the baseball team. -还给我 -轮到我了 - Give it back! - It's my turn! -这是我的游戏机 -这是我家 - It's my game! - It's my house! 你那局输了 给我 You lost your turn, give it to me! 孩子们 Kids! 你得教教我们这招 You need to teach us how to do that. 如果丹尼不想要弟弟妹妹怎么办 What if Denny doesn't like having a sibling? 为什么 What's not to like? 小孩有兄弟姐妹最好了 Kids are better with siblings. 让他们成长为更好的人 It makes them better people. 等等 Wait a minute. 我和阿西娜都是独生子女 Both Athena and I are only children, 我俩也好好的 and we turned out just fine. 没错 你们都是优秀的人 Yes, you are both wonderful adults, 但没有我兄弟 我都不知道自己会怎样 but I just--I don't know who I'd be without my brothers. 他们让我更善良 更善解人意 They made me kinder, more understanding, 更愿意分享 more willing to share. 好吧 我们这小家伙还不懂 Yeah, well, our little one is struggling 什么叫做"分享就是关怀" with the concept of "sharing is caring."

如果他们总是看不惯对方怎么办 What if they're at each other's throats all the time? 他们会的 They will be. 梅本来很喜欢她弟弟 May, she loved having a baby brother, 直到他学会了走路 right up till that part where he started 并开始乱动她的东西 and talking and getting into all her stuff. 我们还没想过这方面的事 I'm not sure we considered that part. 我们的家庭不仅再变大 还在改变 Our family's not just growing; it's changing. 会有个适应过程 It'll be an adjustment, 但你俩会没事的 but you two will do just fine. 丹尼会喜欢有弟弟的 Denny'll love having a brother 总有一天 eventually. 你弟弟真是让我抓狂 Your brother is driving me crazy. 你都没看见 You weren't there. 他享受当官的样子 Okay, he was enjoying it. 我从没见过一个人打勾打得这么热情 I never seen a man make check marks with such enthusiasm. 给那家伙一点权力 就蹬鼻子上脸了 Give a guy a little power, he goes mad. 羊仔笑牛无须 Said the pot about the kettle. 我上次当队长那股疯劲儿已经过了 Hey, Captain Chimney is safely behind us. 我现在是个智慧的羊仔 I'm a wiser kettle now. 其实我说你是牛 Actually, you were the pot in that scenario. -怎么了 -没事 我很好 - What's wrong? - Nothing, I'm fine. 我就是 I-- I just--

真对不起 I'm so sorry. 不不 放着吧 我去拿扫帚 No, no, no, just leave it. I'll grab a broom. 不 我来 好吗 No, I got it, okay? 我就是 我没意识到 I just--I--I didn't realize-麦迪 你还好吗 Maddie, are you okay? 我没意识到 I didn't realize how-我没意识到已经这么晚了 that--I didn't realize that it's late, 我该走了 and--and so I should-- I should go. 我当时不知该怎么说 Really wasn't sure what to say after that. "麦迪 "Hey, Maddie, 你知道我不是你那个变态前夫吧 you know I'm nothing like your psycho ex-husband, right? 你不用怕我" I'm not the kind of guy you need to be afraid of." 因为她当时很害怕 Because she was. 虽然就短短一瞬 但是 I mean, it was just for a second, but... 她看上去很害怕 she looked scared. 不知道该怎么办 Not really sure what to do with that. 真不好意思 我聊人生危机把你聊困了吗 I'm sorry, is my crisis boring you? 抱歉 昨晚没怎么睡 Sorry, uh, didn't get much sleep last night. 海啸后 克里斯托弗一直做噩梦 Christopher's been having nightmares ever since the tsunami. 他和半个城市的人都是 He and half the city. 但这是必然的 对吧 That's gotta be expected, though, right? 他尖叫和哭着醒来 He's waking up screaming and crying.

我想和他谈谈 但他不和我说 Tried talking to him about it, but he won't open up to me. 说他没事 Says he's fine. 是啊 这种事很常见 Yeah, lot of that going around. 注意 各位 "纠察队长"来了 Careful, guys. Hall monitor's here. 你们重新油漆了吗 You guys paint? 为什么这地方看起来这么小 Why does the place look smaller? 应该是你的头变大了 I think your head just got bigger. 巴克消防局长决定亲自把报告送来 So Fire Marshal Buck decides to drop off his report in person. 这是成熟的表现吗 Is that a sign of maturity? 还是为了报复那些年我记你的过 Or is it just revenge for all the times I've written you up? 其实 你们通过了 Actually, you passed. 我改了些数字 一通数学计算 I bumped up the numbers, got fancy with the math. 你不懂数学 You don't know math. 如果有人揭穿我 Which will be my excuse 这就是我的借口 if anybody calls me out on it. 说起来 你们有没有接到那个律师的电话 Speaking of, did any of you guys get a call from that lawyer? 对救护车穷追不舍的那人 The ambulance chaser? 他想和我谈谈大楼的违规情况 He wants to talk to me about the building violations. 觉得有人可能会起诉他们 Think somebody might be suing them. 是啊 他给名片就像发糖似的 Yeah, he was passing out cards like candy. 迪亚兹 我需要个位置 Hey, Diaz, I need a spot over here. 好的 Got you.

很高兴见到你 哥们 Hey, good to see you, man. 那是谁 Who--who's that? 什么 What? 她叫莉娜·巴斯科 Her name is Lena Bosko. 她的局正好在受灾中心被毁了 Her station was smack in the middle of the impact zone 她的队员暂时被重新分配了 and her crew was temporarily reassigned, 所以我带她来这了 so I brought her over here. -你替换了我 -什么 没有 - You replaced me? - What? No. 那个是什么 Then what's that right there? 「巴」斯科 巴克 别激动 Buck, relax. 我保证等你准备好归队时 I promise you your place will still be here for you 你的位置还在 when you're ready. 队长 我现在就准备好了 Cap, I'm ready now. 巴克 听我说 Buck, listen to me-我们晚点聊 We will talk soon. 「巴」斯科 「巴」克利 爸爸 Dad! 克里斯托弗 Christopher. 她要溺水了 她要溺水了 She was drowning. She was drowning. 她要溺水了 她要溺水了 She was drowning. She was drowning. 她要溺水了 She was drowning. 她要溺水了 她要溺水了

She was drowning. She was drowning. 没事了 小家伙 It's okay, buddy. 我来了 I'm here. 就是个梦 It was just a dream. 就是个梦 It's just a dream. 你安全了 You're safe. 他谈过海啸的事吗 Has he talked about the tsunami at all? 我还是不知道他那天的经历 I'm still not sure what he saw that day. 慢慢来 快了 We're getting there. 克里斯托弗说过他和巴克在码头 Christopher talked about being at the pier with Buck, 他们一起玩游戏 how they played games. 但那不是他每夜惊醒的理由 That part isn't the reason he's waking up every night screaming. 他的潜意识还在消化海啸一事 His subconscious is still processing the trauma. 他正在慢慢接受 He's working his way through it. 我知道这很难 I know it's hard. 你爱你儿子 你想让他好起来 You love your son. You wanna fix this. 但这需要时间 But it'll take some time. 我就希望他能敞开心扉 Just wish he'd talk to me about it. 也许他在用别的方法沟通 Maybe he's trying to communicate in other ways. 救命 救救我 溺水的女人 A drowning woman. 对 他似乎很在意她 Yes, he does seem to be fixated on her. 那场海啸死了很多人

Lot of people died in that tsunami. 我知道巴克已经替克里斯挡了很多 但是 I know Buck tried to shield Chris from most of it, but-你朋友一定尽力了 I'm sure your friend did the best he could. 他们当时分开了很长一阵子 They were separated a long time. 天知道他还看到了什么 Who knows what else he saw. 还有 这个溺水的女人是谁 Or who this drowning woman was. 时机到了 他会告诉我们 He'll tell us when he's ready. 而且到那时候 In fact, if the opportunity's right, 他也许会先告诉你 he might tell you first. 这之前 我有什么可做的吗 Is there anything I can do until then? 继续爱他 Just keep loving him. 911 紧急中心 你有什么紧急情况 喂 911 紧急中心 你在吗 911, are you there? 我在 I--I'm--I'm here. 女士 你还好吗 Ma'am, are you all right? 我听到 I hear a-我觉得我需要... I think-- I think I might need-你受伤了吗 Are you injured? 不 没有 不算是 我只是 No, no, not-- not really. I just-你在和谁打电话 Hey, who the hell you on the phone with? 对不起 你打错电话了 I'm sorry, you've got the wrong number. 已挂断 来电历史 重拨

已连接 喂 Hello? 喂 是谁 Hello, who is this? 早上好 先生 Good morning, sir. 我想通知您 我们的清洁服务 I'm calling to inform you that starting as low as $49.95, -最低起价 49 块 95 -我们不感兴趣 - our cleaning service-- - We're not interested. 把我们从列表里去除 别再打来 Take us off your list, and don't call back. 已挂断 多次来电 多次挂断 Multiple calls, multiple hang ups. 根据通话记录 Now, according to the call logs, 通话对方没说过话 no one ever said anything. 今天之前 她什么也没说过 She never said anything until today, 我觉得她就要开口求救了 and I think that she was about to ask for help 但他回来了 but he came back. 好 我们派人去安全检查 Okay, we'll send someone out, do a welfare check. 不行 那会使事情更糟 No, that'll make everything worse. 听着 我知道你觉得 Look, I know that you think 这让我引起了私人共鸣 this is triggering something personal for me, 而且 and... 虽然没错 maybe it is. 但这不意味着我错了 But it doesn't mean that I'm wrong. 我没觉得你错 I don't think you're wrong. 你理解她的处境 你想帮助她 You identify with her. You want to help her.

我懂 I get it. 但如果她没准备好接受帮助 But if she's not ready to accept that help... 我们也无能为力 Yeah, there's nothing we can do. 我干这行八年了 Been doing this eight years. 我倒是希望知道什么魔咒 I wish I knew the magic words 能让人们意识到 只要想脱险 就能脱险 to make someone realize they can get out. 至今没找到 Still haven't found 'em. 但也许只是在电话里不奏效 But maybe they just don't work over the phone. 911 紧急中心 你有什么紧急情况 911, what's your emergency? 那我们都同意 So we could agree 消防演习中确实有过失 there was some negligence during this fire drill. 不 我不认同 Nah, I wouldn't agree with that, no. 你的行动后报告上说 Your after-action report says 洛杉矶消防局疏散时间超出要求 12 分钟 the LAFD exceeded the evacuation time requirement by 12 minutes. 疏散一幢 35 层的大楼 That's actually a pretty decent time 这个成绩已经相当不错了 for clearing a 35-story building. 你所有问题似乎都是关于消防局 Look, all your questions seem to be about the department. 你的委托人不是要告那幢大楼吗 I thought your client was suing the building. 委托人们 Clients, 因洛杉矶消防局失职 而受伤的 42 人 42 injured people the LAFD failed to protect. 这是一场起诉市政府的集体诉讼 This is a class action against the city on all of their behalfs. 你要起诉市政府 You're suing the city?

你觉得我会帮你吗 And you think I'm gonna help you with that? 不满的员工常常是最有力的证人 I find disgruntled employees often make the best witnesses. 我没有不满 I'm--I'm not disgruntled. 我查过你 I looked into you. 我知道那次事故 I know about the accident, 因为血栓问题 how you've been fighting with the LAFD 你一直努力争取做回消防员 to return to full duty because of the blood thinners. 他们只是想保护消防局 They're just trying to protect the department. 那谁来保护你 And who's protecting you? 我能顾好自己 Yeah, I can take care of myself. 瞧着吧 Watch. 你想抹黑的市政府 You know, the city that you're trying to make look bad 不是什么企业 is not some corporation. 那些市政人员 Those city employees, 你迫不及待想诋毁的消防员 都是英雄 those firefighters that you can't wait to smear, are heroes, 你不是想知道谁支持我吗 so you wanna know who's got my back? 是他们 They do. 他们不只是同事或朋友 See, there' more than coworkers or friends. 他们是我的家人 They're my family. 没什么比家人更强大 There's nothing stronger than family. 别碰我 脏娃 Don't touch me, scuzzbag. 你才是脏娃 笨蛋 You're the scuzzbag, tool!

学校没人喜欢你 Nobody likes you at school. 妈 他又这样了 Ma, he's doing it again. 卡姆登 Camden, 我说过不要那样说你弟弟 I told you not to say things like that about your brother. 确实是这样 我也没辙 I can't help it if it's true. 妈 Mom! 杰西 我现在也做不了什么 Jesse, there's nothing I can do right now. 你总是什么也做不了 There's never anything you can do. 住手 Quit it! -妈 -卡姆登 - Mom! - Camden. 我没做什么 他在说谎 I'm not doing anything. He's lying. 我没说谎 你在说谎 I'm not lying. You're lying. 别逼我不得不停车 Don't make me have to stop this car. 妈 这是他自找的 Mom, he was asking for it. 不 我没有 你就是个大混蛋 No, I'm not. You're just a big, fat jerk. -住手 -你退缩了 再来两下 - Stop! - Here's two for flinching. 妈 Mom! 卡姆登 别让我再警告你一次 Camden, I am not gonna warn you again! 你明白我的话吗 You understand what I'm saying? -妈 -天啊 - Mom! - My God! 你们笑什么 Why are you laughing? 这不好笑 It's not funny!

你的表情绝了 You shoulda seen your face. 她刚刚大喊 She was all like-你俩又一伙了 So now you're on the same side. 好吧 Fine. 911 紧急中心 你有什么紧急情况 救命 我们在公路上 但是 出了意外 我妈 她好像受伤了 你能大点声吗 我不能 我不想动 会掉下去 好 你能告诉我你们在什么路上吗 我们不在路上 什么 路没了 The road is gone. 司机名叫朱迪思·斯皮维 Driver's name is Judith Spivey. 她和两个儿子被困在车里 She and her two sons are trapped inside the vehicle. 妈妈昏迷 但两个孩子似乎没事 Mom's unconscious, but the kids seem to be okay. 似乎他们翻滚了几圈 It looks like they tumbled a bit 然后卡在灌木丛中 before catching on the brush. 我们最好快点开始 免得地塌得更多 We better get to work before we lose any more ground. 埃迪 设好牵引机 Eddie, set up the winch. 莉娜 你下去固定住那辆车 Lena, I want you to get down there and anchor that vehicle. 慢慢来 Take it slow. 重量太大这个悬崖边可能塌陷 Too much weight and this cliffside can come down. 我们不希望车随之掉下去 We don't want that car to go along with it. 队长 我担心那个妈妈的情况 Cap, I'm worried about the mom.

或许撞击只是让她失去知觉 Maybe the crash just knocked her out, 但她还没醒 but she's still not awake. 好吧 戴上护具 All right, harness up. 孩子们 我马上过来 Guys, I'll be right with you. 我先看看你们妈妈的情况 I'm gonna check on your mother. 队长 她脉搏稳定 但她昏迷不醒 Cap, pulse is steady, but she's out like a light. 我们需要救生篮 We're gonna need the basket. 我来 队长 On it, Cap. 两个孩子怎么样 How the kids doing? 吓坏了 Terrified. 我是莉娜 I'm Lena. 你们叫什么 What are your names? 我是卡姆登 I'm Camden. 他是杰西 He's Jesse. 不不不 No, no, no, no, no, no! 车开始移位 The car started shifting! 闪开 Get clear! 莉娜 老奇 你们情况如何 Lena, Chim, what's your status? -没事 队长 -没事 队长 - All good, Cap. - All good, Cap. 但车又掉落了六米 But the damn car dropped another 20 feet. 地面太软 支撑不住 Ground's too soft. It's not gonna hold. 上车 Hop in the cab.

准备好情况变糟时 快速撤退 Be prepared to bug out of here if this thing goes south. 遵命 Yes, sir! 要立刻移开救护车及所有不必要设备 We need to clear that ambulance and all nonessential equipment, 尽可能地减轻悬崖边的重量 pull back as much weight as we can from this cliffside now. 你们没事吧 You guys okay? 行动信号 That's our signal to move. -卡姆登 我们要... -先救杰西 - Camden, we're gonna-- - Take Jesse first. 我不要离开妈妈 I'm not leaving mom. 我不要离开你 I'm not leaving you. 杰西 听我说 Jesse, listen to me. 你得和她走 You need to go with her. 我就在你后面 I'll be right behind you. 不会有事 It's gonna be okay. 快走 Go now. 走吧 杰西 抓住我 Come on, Jesse. Grab onto me. 乘客系牢了 可以行动 Passengers secured. Green light. 收到 带他上来 Copy. Bring him up. 队长 要把那个妈妈带上去 Cap, we gotta get the mom up. 她死了吗 Is she dead? 不 卡姆登 她没死 No, Camden, she's not dead. 那就好 杰西才九岁 Good, Jesse's only nine. 他太小了 不能没有妈妈 He's too little to not have a mom.

我们做个约定怎么样 All right, how 'bout we make a deal? 你照我说的做 我把你们两个都救上去 You do exactly what I tell, I get you both out of here, 今天没人会失去妈妈 and no one loses their mom today. 我看一下你有没有受伤 Let me take a look at you. 莉娜带救生篮下去了 Lena is coming down with the basket. 巴斯科 Bosko, 稳定好救生篮 我把妈妈放进去 hold the basket steady while I get Mom in it. 开始了 Here we go. 一二三 One, two, three! 好了 莉娜 她交给你了 All right, Lena, she's all yours. 小卡 坚持住 Cam, stay with me. 你妈妈不会有事 Your mom's gonna be good. 来吧 孩子 你和我一起上去 Come on, kid, you're riding with me. -好吗 -好 - Okay? - Yeah. 把她抬上救护车 Okay, get her loaded up. 队长 我们没时间了 Cap, we're running out of time. 准备好松开车 Get ready to cut her loose. 老奇 你得赶紧走 Chim, you gotta move. 带我们上去 队长 Get us out of here, Cap. 行动 行动 行动 Green, green, green! 动手 Now. 安然无恙 Safe and sound.

有点太险了 Cutting it kinda close there. 我想来个酷炫登场 I wanted to make an entrance. 卡姆 Cam! 洛杉矶消防队 女士 你遇上了事故 LAFD, ma'am. You were in an accident. 我们要带你去医院做检查 We're gonna take you to the hospital now to be checked out, okay? 但我有孩子 But my-- I've got--I've got kids. 他们同心互助 They're taking care of each other. 我查了你给的那名字的前科 I looked for priors on that name you gave me, 文森特·达加斯蒂诺 Vincent Dagastino. 几年前 有几次醉酒滋事 Couple D&Ds, drunk and disorderly, a few years back. 五年前有一次超速 One speeding violation about five years ago. 没有殴打 伤害罪等暴力罪行前科吗 So no arrests for battery, assault, anything violent? 反正他的案底上没写 Nothing that made it into his record. 如果你不确定 我可以... I mean, if you're not sure, I could-我可以再深挖下 I could do a little more digging, 打电话问问朋友 call some friends. 不 没关系 No, that's okay. 我也不太确定 I'm not really sure about anything. 也许我在捕风捉影 I feel like maybe I'm chasing shadows here. 但谢谢帮忙 But thanks for your help. 不客气 Anytime. 我很感激 Yeah, I really appreciate it.

-再见 -再见 - Bye. - Bye. 我回来了 晚饭吃什么 I'm home. What's for dinner? 我闻到拔丝山药的味道了 Do I smell candied yams? 你竟然没问我 I still can't believe that you invited him 就邀请了他 without talking to me first. 我只想让他知道无论如何 I just wanted him to know that no matter what, 他还是家人 he's still family. 晚饭能给你俩时间把话说开 Thought dinner would give you two time to work things out. 阿西娜 我没告诉他 Athena, I didn't tell him. 我以为他来消防局时 你说了 I thought you said he came by the firehouse. 他是来了 但后来我们接到任务出警 He did, but then we had to go out on a call. 我去开门 I'll get the door. 我去拿酒 I'll get the wine. 我跟那个律师说 想都别想 So I told that lawyer off big-time. 我说 "你不能让我 You know, I said, "You're not gonna get me 签任何宣誓书 指责 118 局任何事" to sign any affidavit that blames the 118 for anything." 感谢你这么说 Appreciate that. 拜托 那个人真不要脸 Please, the nerve of that guy 竟以为我会背叛朋友 to think I would turn on my friends? 我想念你做的饭了 队长 I missed your cooking, Cap. 我想念你吃了 Well, I miss your eating. 永远不用担心有剩菜 Never have to worry about leftovers.

-羽衣甘蓝 -不 我不来了 - Collard greens? - No, not for me. 我不能吃甘蓝 I can't eat those, 服用血液稀释剂期间 不能吃 not while I'm on the blood thinners. 太多维他命 K Too much vitamin K. 听上去你对自己的健康很上心 It sounds like you're taking your health very seriously. 我觉得我保持地越健康 I figure the better I manage this, 我就能越快回到工作岗位 the sooner I can go back to work. 非常成熟 巴克 That's very mature of you, Buck. 谢谢 Thank you. 那个律师 他的话引我思考 Hey, that--that lawyer, he did get me thinking. 人多力量大 对吧 There's strength in numbers, right? 也许我能让大伙签一份支持声明之类 Maybe I could get everyone to sign a statement of support or something, 让上头知道 你们没把我当成负担 show the higher-ups that--that you guys don't think I'm liability. -巴克 -他们会听 对吧 - Buck-- - They'd have to listen, right? -你听我说 -如果你说我可以归队了 - I want you to listen to me. - If you told them that I was ready, 那些缺心眼儿 I mean, these--these dumbasses, 就只能让我回... they would--they would have no right to keep me-我就是那个缺心眼儿 I'm the dumbass. 什么 What? 你不符合条件 You're not ready. 我这样向上级汇报了 That's what I told them when they asked. 有人要玉米面包吗 Would anybody like any corn bread?

谢谢 Thank you. 因为你 我才没法归队 You're the reason they won't let me back? 药物才是原因 The medication is the reason. 巴比也是担心你 巴克 别多想 Bobby is just worried about you, Buck, that's all. 我们都担心 We all are. 我还以为你支持我 I thought you were on my side. 还以为你是我朋友 I thought you were my friend. 我是你朋友 I am your friend. 我也是另外二十名消防队员的队长 I am also the captain of almost 20 other firefighters 他们的生命和安全都依靠我做的决定 whose lives and safety depend on decisions I make, 我不能置他们于险境 and I can't put them at risk. 如果你不能百分百投入 If you're not operating at 100%-我能百分百投入 I am at 100%! 我 I-也许更投入 May--maybe even more, you know? 我从没感觉这么好过 I--I--I've never f-- felt so good. 巴克 我知道你在海啸中经历了很多 Buck, I know that you went through a lot in that tsunami 也许你觉得自己能经受住任何事 and maybe you feel like you can survive anything. 任何事 Anything. 就像是背后一刀 Like a knife in my back. 阿西娜 我想感谢你邀请我 Athena, I just wanna say thank you for inviting me. 巴克 Buck.

-对不起 我得走了 -你不用非得走 - I'm sorry. I--I--I--I gotta go. - You don't-- You don't have to-巴克 等等 Okay, Buck, hold on. 你不用走 You don't have to leave. 巴克 Buck. 你得听我说 You have to listen to me. 他只是个朋友 He's just a friend. 告诉我事实 该死 Tell me the truth, damn it! 别逼我对你不客气 Don't make me do something you'll regret. 只是这样 文森特 That is it, Vincent! That's it! 你真以为我会信吗 You really think I'm gonna believe that? -是的 -给我过来 - Yes! - Get over here! 不 文森特 住手 住手 No, no, Vincent, stop, stop! 放开我 Just let me go! 文森特 你去哪 Vincent, where are you going? 我刚说了 I just told you! 我去车里拿东西 I'm getting something out of the car. 看着点路 白痴 Watch where you're going, moron! 如果你要这么做 If you go down this road, 你要知道 起诉市政不是件小事 I need you to know suing the city is not a small matter. 我只想重新归队 Look, all I want is my job back. 如果你输了 But if you don't win, 你不仅不能在洛杉矶当消防员 not only will you never work as a firefighter in Los Angeles again,

全国应该都不会有消防局雇你 I doubt any department in the country will hire you. 他们会把我看成是"爱哭的孩子有奶吃" They'll see me as a... a squeaky wheel. 或者更糟 Or worse. 一旦其它上司认为你没事就爱打官司 You see, once a potential employer perceives you as litigious liability, 就没人想雇你了 it is impossible to unring that bell. 除非我赢了 Not if I win. 我就能回 118 局 做回消防员 Then I'm back with the 118, a--a firefighter. 你还应该知道 诉讼过程中 You should also be aware that during this process, 最好不要与消防局的任何人 it's best to have no contact with anyone from 有任何形式的交流 or tangentially connected to your station house. 这意味着不能发信息 不能打电话 That means no texts, no calls, 不能做任何不利于这场官司的事 nothing that could compromise our case. 反正我现在跟他们也没什么好说了 I'm not sure we have much to say to each other right now anyway. 这场战斗 我孤身一人 I'm alone in this fight. "继续爱他" "Keep loving him." 他真在处方上这样写了 Did he write that on a prescription pad? 你好像不以为然 Doesn't sound like you're a fan. 手抬起来 Hands up. 心理医生有作用 The headshrinkers have their place. 强烈的情感慰藉 It's a very touchy-feely place, 但这对一些人起效 but that works for some people. 不包括你吗 Not you?

我看过一次心理医生 I went to one once... 我小时候父亲去世之后 When I was a kid after my dad died. 那个女医师拿着手指木偶 This lady had hand puppets. 那有用吗 Did that help? 我把她惹哭了 I made her cry, 之后我告诉我妈 我不想再去了 and then I told my mom I didn't wanna go back. "真棒 我瞬间有信心了" Great, I feel encouraged. 听着 每个人应对创伤的方式不同 Look, everyone deals with trauma differently. 我不了解你孩子 但我知道什么对我有用 I don't know your kid, but I know what worked for me. 就是我妈告诉我 她的感受 It was when my mom told me how she was feeling, 说她很难过 而难过也没关系 that she was sad and that it was okay. 不论是什么样的感受 我们都一起承担 However we felt, we were in it together, 不管怎样 no matter what. -听起来是个好主意 -她是个好母亲 - Sounds like good advice. - She's a good mom. 你这个贱人 You bitch. 你说谁是贱人 你个贱人 Who are you calling a bitch, bitch? 房屋出售 你以为是谁 贱人 Who do you think, bitch? 你说我们要卖光妈妈的物品 You said that we were gonna sell all of Mom's stuff 然后平分赚的钱 and we were gonna split the profits 50/50. 很抱歉 我没法跟你一样没心没肺 I'm sorry, it's not as easy for me as it is for you. 我说过 你不能太感情用事 I told you, you can't be overly sentimental. 只是东西而已

It's just things. 我尽力不投入感情了 I know. I'm trying. -你尽力了吗 -没错 - You're trying? - Yeah. 那盏灯是怎么回事 What about the lamp? 灯是我送的 I was the one who gave that to her. 算了 You know what? 如果你想找一下 If you wanna walk around 你送她的廉价废品 就去吧 and just pick up all the cheap crap you bought her, go right ahead. 她很喜欢那个杯子 She loved that cup. 想到了 I'm sure she did. 你在那边搞什么呢 What the hell are you doing over there anyway? 你究竟要不要来帮我 Are you gonna help me with this or not? 我在做玛格丽塔酒 I'm making margaritas. 我不喝点酒 怎么能心平气和跟你见面啊 You didn't think I was gonna get through this little reunion of ours sober, did you? 这个搅拌机也是我买给她的 You know what? I bought her this blender too. 天呐 你怎么什么都要争 My God, why is everything a competition with you? 你说什么 What? 我说 I said-不好意思 你说什么 I'm sorry, what? 好吧 你要... Okay, are you gonna-你要分我一点酒吗 Are you gonna offer me some of that? 会吧 I guess. 但尽量别烂醉

But try not to get too hammered. 我不希望你在妈妈家里吐得到处都是 I don't need you puking all over Mom's house. 我那时才 14 岁 I was 14 years old. 你怎么老翻旧账 Why do you always bring that up? 你犯的错 结果我被禁足了 Because somehow I was the one who got grounded. 好喝 Yum. 我倒是需要一个搅拌机 You know, actually, I could use a blender. 你拿的还不够多吗 Haven't you gotten enough? 你还因为戒指而不甘心吗 You still pissed about the ring? 我当然很不好受 Of course I'm upset. 传家宝给最疼爱的女儿 The favorite daughter gets the family heirloom, 那可是 the one-我该继承这枚戒指 That should have been mine, 但她给了你... but she left it to you, so... 不行 搅拌机不能给你 No, you can't have the blender. 等下 你凭什么该继承戒指 Hold on. Why should you have gotten the ring? 她给你买了一户公寓 She bought you a condo. 借钱给我买 我连本带利都还她了 That was a loan, and I paid her back with interest. -想到了 -没错 - Of course you did. - Yes. 因为你是"完美小姐" 'Cause you're Little Miss Perfect 我是惹祸精 行了 and I'm the screwup. You know what? 这是妈妈的歉意 我收下了 This was Mom's apology, and I'm accepting it. 答应我 你会好好保管 好吗

Just promise me that you won't let anything happen to it, okay? 一直传承下去 That you keep it in the family. 保险起见 For safekeeping. 可以吗 Okay? 致妈妈 To mom. 911 紧急中心 你有什么紧急情况 救命 它卡住了 拿不下来 快来救我 小偷就在这里 The thief is out here. 小偷吗 抱歉 Thief? I'm sorry. 紧急中心说 这是医疗紧急情况 Dispatch said it was a medical emergency. 二者都是 It's both. 怎么会这样 Why is this happening? 老天的报应 莫伊拉 Divine retribution, Moira. 不如说 是过敏反应 Or more likely, it's an allergic reaction. 女士 你对这里什么过敏吗 All right, ma'am, is there anything in the house that you're sensitive to, 药品 食物 medications, foods? 她焦虑不安时会爆发荨麻疹 She used to break out in hives when she was stressed. 我没焦虑不安 I'm not stressed? 我们母亲刚过世 我有点焦虑 Our mom just died, so I'm--I'm a little stressed. 再焦虑也不会这样 Stress wouldn't do this. 你们刚刚谁当了调酒师 Which one of you played bartender? 我 怎么了 I did, why? 光照性皮炎 Phytophotodermatitis, 玛格丽塔酒灼伤的一种雅称

it's a fancy name for margarita burns. 特定温度和紫外线环境下 Citrus over a certain temperature and UV light conditions 柑橘汁会发生化学反应 can trigger a chemical reaction. 女士 戴戒指的手指还有知觉吗 Ma'am, this ring finger, can you feel it? 没有 No. 一针肾上腺素就会消肿 An Epi should bring down the swelling, 但我们得把戒指切开 but we're gonna have to cut this ring off. 不行 你们不能切开戒指 No! No! You cannot cut that ring. 那是我的戒指 That is my ring, 我不同意你们切开 and I do not give you authorization to cut it. 你妹妹的手指已经发青了 Your sister's finger is turning blue. 下一步就是发黑 组织坏死 That's the step before black, when it's dead. 她整根手指可能会脱落 Her whole finger could fall off. 听起来好恐怖 That sounds horrible. 你就不能在此之前就把手指切了吗 Can't you just cut the finger off now before that happens? 女士 我理解这是情感寄托物 Ma'am, I understand that it's a sentimental object, 我们会保留碎片给你 so we'll save you the pieces. 我要给你打肾上腺素了 I'm gonna give you the shot. 别动 All right, hold still. 等下 Wait! 我把戒指卖了 I sold it. 买家已经付下重金给我了 The buyer's already paid me a lot. 我就知道

I knew it. 你绝对是我认识的人中 You are, without a doubt, the worst person... 最奇葩的一个 I have ever known! 好了 你们两姐妹不是正哀悼你们母亲吗 Come on, aren't you sisters mourning your deceased mother? 你俩不应该是领会相互理解 Aren't you supposed to be teaching each other empathy 而不是互相较劲吗 instead of setting each other off? 只有小孩子才会较劲 Only child, right? 必须是 Obviously. 好了 别动 Okay, just hold still. 好了 亨 Okay, Hen. 好了 All right. 记住 分享就是关怀 Remember, sharing is caring. 打扰一下 Excuse me. 你知道这个怎么用吗 Do you know how this works? 这个不好上手 Yeah, it's, not very intuitive, 可一旦你掌握所有要领 but once you know all the routines, 就非常简单 it's really easy. 我可以给你展示 I could show you. 不 我不想麻烦你 No, I wouldn't want to put you out. 不麻烦 我是教练 It's no trouble. I'm a trainer. 一看你就是 抱歉 我是新会员 Of course you are. I'm sorry. I'm new. I-我是泰拉 I'm Tara. 麦迪

Maddie. 你最近有空教课吗 Do you, by any chance, have any openings in your schedule? 我现在就有空 Actually, I'm free right now. 这就是第一节课了 So is the first session. 好 行啊 Okay, well, why not? 先从跑步机开始吧 Let's get you started on... the treadmill, 热一下身 get you warmed up. 棒 Awesome. 我已经开始肌肉酸痛了 Okay, I'm already sore. 从科学角度来讲不太可能 Well, that's scientifically impossible, 不过喝了我推荐的那款恢复饮品 but if you get that recovery drink I recommended, -应该会有所缓解 -我会喝 - that should help. - I will. 谢谢 Thanks. 那么下周四晚上继续吗 So we're on again for next Thursday night? 你确定九点不会太晚吗 Are you sure 9:00 isn't too late? 我工作要轮班 已经习惯起早贪黑了 I do shift work, so I'm used to the crazy hours. 小霍·韩来电 你从事什么职业 So what do you do? 护士 I'm a nurse. 接我的车到了 Look like my ride's here. 麦迪 这是我丈夫 文森特 Maddie, this is my husband, Vincent. 很高兴认识你 Nice to meet you. 我也是 文森特 You too, Vincent.

麦迪是我的新学员 Maddie's a--a new client of mine. 我们要一起变强壮 是吧 麦迪 We're gonna get stronger together, right, Maddie? 是啊 Yeah. 下周四见 See you next Thursday. 真是惊喜啊 This is a surprise. 你怎么来了 What are you doing here? 想在你上班前 跟你碰个面 Thought I'd try and catch you before you started your shift. 我想跟你聊聊那天的事 I wanted to talk to you about the other day, 你不小心摔了盘子 慌张地走掉 the plate or what happened after the plate. 没什么 只是 That was nothing. You just-你让我受惊了 you startled me, that's all. 那不叫没事 麦迪 It wasn't nothing, Maddie. 我也不知道该怎么说 Not exactly sure what to call it. 我发誓那不是因为你 Okay, I swear it had nothing to do with you. 我明白 I know. 起初我并不明白 At first, I didn't, 不过我们今天接到了个求救电话 but we had this call today... 应该是昨天 yesterday, I guess. 一辆车掉下了悬崖 This car fell off the cliff 我听说了 Yeah, I heard about that, 一个妈妈和两个孩子 是吧 the mom and her two kids, right? 对 Yeah.

那个年龄稍长的孩子 估计 12 到 13 岁 Well, the older kid, he was probably 12 or 13. 我看得出 他当时为了母亲和弟弟假装坚强 I could see him trying to be strong for his brother and his mother, 我想起小时候 医生通知我们母亲患癌时 and it just took me back to when I was a kid trying to be strong for my mother 我也假装坚强过 while some doctor explains cancer to us, 这一下子让我百感交集 and it just triggered all these emotions in me. 你从没跟我说过这件事 You never told me about that. 我已经很多年没想过这些事了 Well, I had never really thought about that in years, 但那一瞬间 记忆涌现 but all of a sudden, there it was. 非我所愿 也无法控制 You know, I didn't plan it, couldn't control it. 就那样触发了旧伤 It just happened. 一定有个词能概括 There's gotta be a word for that. 德语里肯定有这么个词 I'm sure the Germans have something. 估计有 27 个音节那么长 极其拗口 It's probably 27 syllables long and completely unpronounceable, 但不管是什么 这些事造就了我们 but whatever it is, it's a part of us, 成为如今的自己 who we are, 我想说 你永远不用向我隐藏这一面 and I just never want you to ever feel like you have to hide that from me. 好 Okay. 不再隐藏[正面应对]No more hiding. 好 Okay. 我晚点打给你 I'm gonna call you later. 我都等不及了 Can't wait. 你醒了吗 Hey, you awake? 该去注射了

It's time for the shot. 把人肚子搞大前 也该说点情话哄哄人家吧 You could flirt with a girl a little before you knock her up. 对受孕也有益 It's also a beneficial activity when trying to induce pregnancy. 没改变主意吧 Are we still doing this? 不是一定要遵从我的意愿 This is not just about what I want. 我们双方的意愿才重要 It's about what we want. 我小时候 很孤独 When I was a little girl, I was lonely. 并非一直都孤独 Not all the time, 只是我爸走后 but after my dad left 我妈打了两份工 and my mom was working two jobs, 我感觉自己形单影只 I felt very alone in the world. 我不希望丹尼也尝到那种滋味 I don't want Denny to feel that way. 他现在并不想要兄弟姐妹 He may not like the idea of a sibling right now, 但以后也会有其乐融融的珍贵时刻 but there'll also be wonderful times filled with love. 有这么疯狂的妈妈们 他们还可以同病相怜呢 Hell, they can commiserate about their crazy mothers. 他们永远不会无聊 They'll never be bored. 对 No. 你准备好就来吧 I'm ready if you are. 脚脚盖好 Tuck these feetsies in. 好了 Okay. 让我看看你的小白牙 Let me see those pearly whites. 白到发光啊 Very pearly. 表现真好

Good job. 小家伙 你有什么烦心事 Hey, buddy, you know if there's anything bothering you, 你都可以告诉我 你知道吧 you can talk to me. You know that, right? 我知道 爸爸 I know, Daddy. 爱你 晚安 Love you. Good night. 我的家庭 爸爸 我 妈妈 克里斯托弗 Christopher. 这是妈妈吗 Is this Mom? 你一直以来梦见的是她吗 Is that who you've been dreaming about? 为什么不告诉我 Why didn't you tell me? 我不想让你伤心 I don't wanna make you sad. 天哪 My. 伤心没什么错 There's nothing wrong with being sad. 我爱你妈妈 我也很想她 I loved your mom and I miss her, 也许直到永远 probably always will. 可是 But... 我们还有彼此 we still got each other, 也就是说 我们会好起来 which means we're gonna be okay. -好 -好 - Okay. - Okay. 我爱你 爸爸 I love you, Daddy. 巴克 有什么事吗 Buck, is everything all right? 抱歉这么晚过来 I'm sorry to come by so late. 谁啊

Who is it? 巴克 It's Buck. 我想向你们道歉 Just wanted to apologize 晚饭时 我不该那样走掉 to the both of you for walking out on dinner. 有点情绪 人之常情 Things just got a little heated. 不必道歉 No need to apologize. 进来吧 Why don't you come on in? -是啊 -抱歉 我不能进去 - Yeah. - Sorry, I can't do that. 我们这之后很久都不能再来往了 This will be the last time we can talk for a while. 巴克 怎么回事 Buck, what is going on? 我想亲自告诉你们 I thought you should hear it from me. 我觉得该由我来送 I figured I should be the one to deliver this. 我要起诉市政府 I'm suing the city, 起诉消防局 the department, 起诉你 and you 缘由是不当解雇 for wrongful termination. 再说一次 Come again? 我说过不复职誓不罢休 I told you I wouldn't stop fighting until I got my job back, 我不会罢休 and I won't... 即使要与你作对 Even if it means fighting you.