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导读:新视野大学英语视听说教程第二版版第三册unit9答案(红字),Unit1 Listening skills BBDCA Listening in Task1 FTFTF Listening in Task2 BBDAC Listening in Task3 classical,peaceful,relaxing,Jazz,sadness,heavy metal,energy,sporting events,physical labor,road accidents Let's talk Task 1


Unit1 Listening skills BBDCA Listening in Task1 FTFTF Listening in Task2 BBDAC Listening in Task3 classical,peaceful,relaxing,Jazz,sadness,heavy metal,energy,sporting events,physical labor,road accidents Let's talk Task 1 Good Morning to All, success, musical talents, without, second part, replaced, legal action,real owners Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 special, joke, talent, proud, loud, joy,honesty,dancer,talk,wondered,capture,fan Task2 BAADC Task 3 TFTTT Unit 1 test 1-5 CCDCB 1.favorite band , 2.Not anymore , 3.no longer , 4.a big fan , 5.collected , 6.the ones , 7.Going crazy , 8.Maybe to you , 9.pressure , 10.fall in love , 11.get it , 12.from time to time , 13.Go on ,14.music video 1-5 BCDDA 1-5 CDABA 6-10 CDCBC Unit2 Listening skills: Making inferences ADBCB Listening in > Task 1 director,sound effects, good story, think, sad,violent, light-hearted movies, mystery movie,in the future Task 2 DCDAB Task 3 film, directors, actors, important, the United Kingdom, viewers, 40 million, Olympic, World Cup, time, artistic value, depth, Best Picture, favor, science fiction Let's talk > Task 1 ABCDD Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 memorizing lines, remember one line,I hear the guns roar,a loud boom,forgot his line Task 2 ACCAD Task 3 FTFTF Unit 2 test 1-5 CBABD 1.a very good 2.starring 3.best-seller 4.a new classic 5.violent 6.somewhat 7.before 8.the calmness 9.death 10.thought 1-5 DBDCA 1-5 CCBAB 6-10 CCBAC Unit3 Listening skills: Identifying people's identity BCDAA Listening in > Task 1 go out, flaming red, crush, chicken, likes, guts, turn him down, keeping everything,tell her Task 2 early, late teens, Double-dating, Group datin, marry, Adult dating, hardly, Blind date, never Task 3 (3) An announcement about the wedding was published in the newspaper. (2) Wedding invitations were sent out to relatives and friends. (1) The minister greeted the guests in the church. (8) The minister talked about the meaning of marriage. (4) The bride and the bridegroom exchanged vows. (7) The minister prayed for the couple.1

(6) The minister declared the couple husband and wife. (9) The reception was over. (5) The minister signed the certificate. Let's talk > Task 1 BBCDA Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 BDCA Task 2 the young man's plans, a nice house, God will provide for us, Don't worry, sir, play the role of God Task 3 FFTTF Unit 3 test 1-5 BDCDC 1.He's engaged 2.even 3.fell in love with 4.swept him off his feet 5.popped the question 6.getting married 7.lonely 8.divorced 9.different 1-5 CADBA 1-5 BCADD 6-10 CACBD Unit4 Listening skills Obey your thirst.,Drivers wanted.,She works while you rest.,Make yourself heard.,We lead. Others copy.,Good to the last drop.,Don't leave home without it.,No business too small, no problem too big. Listening in > Task 1 shoes, funny, a lot of life, ad, extra spring, money, millions of dollars, for nothing,reach the top,hard work,focus on,forget Task 2 FTFFT Task 3 ABBCC Let's talk > Task 1 TFTFT Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 banned tobacco ads,young people smoking cigarettes,ways around the law,new customers old ones,smoking on campus Task 2 ACBDD Task 3 FTFTF Unit 4 test 1-5 BBCDC 1.We do 2.change the image 3.do some surveys 4.different age groups 5.all the time 6.your users 7.target 1-5 CAAAB 1-5 CDCDC 6-10 CBDBC Unit5 Listening skills ABBDC Listening in > Task 1 (2) The couple was going to celebrate the wife's birthday. (5) The husband put the cat out before the taxi arrived. (3) The cat shot back into the house when the couple was going to the taxi. (1) The husband went back to chase the cat out. (4) The wife told the driver a lie. (6) The husband got into the car. Task 2 ADBCC Task 3 CDBAC Let's talk > Task 11-6: five dollars, chops, worst/lowest quality, barked, finest, money 7-12: own/have, followed, apartment house, third floor, scratched on, door2

13-18: yelled at, stop, smartest/cleverest, lamb chops, looked at, his key Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1-5: a dog, delighted/pleased, one of her friends, be close, interview 6-9: warn, smell, foretell/predict, a chicken Task 2 CBCDD Task 3 1. in the theater2. a ticket3. well-trained, intelligent, human4. any problem, leave the theater, any other dog5. let the dog in, almost empty Unit 5 test 1-5 ABACA 1.how's 2.they seem to be 3.protects them from 4.all the time 5.scaring away 6.though 7.they're lazy/they are lazy 8.avoid being seen 9.much faster 10.like horses 11.in Greek 1-5 BCDAC 1-5 AACBC 6-10 DBCAD Unit6 Listening skills: Dialog 1: D, The first girl (The girl who wears the short skirt Dialog 2: B, No, she hasn’t. Listening in > Task 1 1-4: looks funny, looks fine, out of fashion, good on her 5-7: out-dated, following the fashion trends, no wonder Task 2 1-5: fashionable clothes, trends, copied, traditional center, are guarded 6-10: July, great numbers, a high price, starting point, only a part Task 3 1-5: DACBC Let's talk > Task 1 1-5: different and daring, Teenagers, their legs, shorter and shorter, five inches 6-10: loose morals, never appear, look childlike, women’s liberation, traditional Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1-5: TFTFF Task 2 1-7: nervous, afraid, first time, locker, blanket, come out, wore Task 3 1-4: new clothes, full of clothes, university tuition, clothes in fashion 5-7: the Middle Ages, part-time job, not too expensive Unit 6 test 1-5 DDCAC 1.trying on 2.a business suit 3.in a blouse 4.cotton tights 5.a dress 6.a miniskirt 7.to an office 8.catch more eyes 9.suit 10.a typical boy 1-5 ACBDC 1-5 CBAAD 6-10 BCDAC Unit7 Listening skills: 1-5: BAADB Listening in > Task 11-5: banker, loan, saving, save, spend, mortgage, property, property values, risen/gone up/increased by 30 percent Task 21-5: ABDCC Task 31-5: FTFTF Let's talk > Task 11-7: money, all his money, promise, in the casket, sitting, next to, close 8-14: box, locked, foolish, all that money, go back on her word, put the money, check Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 11-7: the beggar, needed help, careful, a job, a hard time, waste, good luck3

Task 2 1-5: DCBDA Task 3 1-5: TFFTT Unit 7 test 1-5 CDABC 1.give me a loan 2.What for 3.support 4.are spending 5.hard up myself 6.let him know 7.get nowhere 8.easy-going 9.general manager 10.my luck 1-5 DCBAB 1-5 BACDA 6-10 BDCCC Unit8 Listening skills:1-6: First, not only, but also, Also, Instead, More importantly 7-11: though, Moreover, In fact, Last but not least, for example Listening in > Task 1 1-5: FTFTF Task 2 1-5: BDCAC Task 3 1-6: give out, number, online, sites, credit card, low 7-11: outgoing, thieves, offers, mailbox, front door Let's talk > Task 1 4-5-6-7-3-2-1 Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1. freeze 2. tall, shorter, red jacket, 3. his gun, open, the rest of the people, 4. key, safe, 5. calm, a medal Task 2 1-5: ADCDB Task 3 1-5: FTTFF Unit 8 test 1-5 BDDCA 1.in prison 2.the greater part of 3.small office 4.things 5.3 meals 6.get a break 7.play games 8.get fired 9.all ears 10.allow 11.on the phone 12.change places 13.In spite of 1-5 BCDDA 1-5 BACBC 6-10 ADABD Unit9 Listening skills:1-6: crashing into, at least three, dozens more, big hole, danger, 32 7-12: 68, 5:48, 18 minutes, terrorism, four, the pilot Listening in > Task 11-5: TFTFF Task 2 1-5: DABCC Task 3 1-7: candle, couple, six, 190 people, 1,500, 15 percent, nearly 5 percent 8-13: about 1 percent, 700 percent, burning candle, away, at least a foot, children and pets Let's talk > Task 1 1-5: lost it for drunk driving, stole the car and killed the owner, in the trunk, horrified, calls for backup, I was speeding, too Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1-5: 120° , burns, candles, blow them out, electrical appliances 6-10: flickering lights, smoke alarm, floor plan, exits Task 2 1-5: ACCBD Task 3 1-5: emergency 911, had broken down, woman passenger, No. 15, 15 miles 6-9: ambulance, the operator, calm and warm, a boy Unit 9 test4

1-5 CCADC 1.driven through 2.right away 3.smells of 4.run into 5.going 6.Look out 7.hit it 8.the opposite way 1-5 BDACC 1-5 ABDAC 6-10 BBDAD Unit10 Listening skills:1-8: take off, land, representative, how a plane flies, stays on the ground, short flight, increase, another city Listening in > Task 1 1-5: go camping, planning to go, the mountains, the most beautiful, drive 6-11: heights, wonderful views, skip the climbing, clean up, fun, overcome Task 2 1-5: TFFTF Task 3 1-5: CDBAA Let's talk > Task 1 1-5: a school examination, the basement, shopping, steps, frightened 6-10: come in, the window, toy gun, upstairs, take the dog 11-14: have heard, the window, her parents, dial the number Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1-6: first prize, software competition, a trip to, fly, turns, goes pale, a cold sweat, some medicines, cause, a lot of troubleTask 2 1-5: ACDBA Task 3 1-5: TTFFTUnit 10 test 1-5 CCDDC 1.2 people 2.What's up 3.camping 4.Care to 5.snakes 6.scared stiff 7.in the mountains 8.care for 9.Poisonous ones 10.like 11.can you 12.or not 13.how loud 14.scream 1-5 CBDAC 1-5 CBADA 6-10DCBBA5