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导读:2017年12月大学英语四级翻译试题完整下载版,红色 在中国文化中,红色通常象征着好运、长寿和幸福,在春节和其他喜庆场合,红色到处可见。人们把 现金作为礼物送给家人或亲密朋友时,通常放在红信封里。红色在中国流行


红色 在中国文化中,红色通常象征着好运、长寿和幸福,在春节和其他喜庆场合,红色到处可见。

人们把 现金作为礼物送给家人或亲密朋友时,通常放在红信封里。

红色在中国流行的另一个原因是人们把它 与中国革命和共产党相联系。


因为从前死者的名字常用红色书 写,用红墨水写中国人名被看成是一种冒犯行为。

The color of red in Chinese culture usually means good luck, longevity and happiness. Red can be found everywhere during Chinese Spring Festival and other joyous occasions. Cashes often in red envelopes are sent to family members or close friends as gifts. Its popularity can also be attributed the fact that people accociate it with Chinese revolution and Communist Party. However, it does not always equal to good luck and joy in that the name of the dead used to be written in red. Using red ink to write names of Chinese people were seen as an offense.白色 随着中国的改革开放,如今很多年轻人都喜欢举行西式婚礼。

新娘在婚礼上穿着白色婚纱,因为白色 被认为是纯洁的象征。


因此务必记住,白 花一定不要用作祝人康复的礼物,尤其不要送给老年人或危重病人。

同样,礼金也不能装在白色信封 里,而要装在红色信封里。

With China’s reform and opening up, many young people tend to hold Western-style weddings these days. The bride wears a white wedding dress at the wedding, because white is considered as a symbol of purity. However, in traditional Chinese culture, white is often used in funerals, so be sure to remember that white flowers must not be used as a gift to the patient, especially not to the seniors or critically illed patients. Similarly, the cash gift cannot be packed in a white envelope, but in a red envelope.在中国文化中,黄颜色是一种很重要的颜色,因为它具有独特的象征意义。

在封建(feudal)社会中, 它象征统治者的权力和权威。

那时,黄色是专为皇帝使用的颜色,皇家宫殿全都漆成黄色,皇袍总是 黄色的,而普通老百姓是禁止穿黄色衣服的。


秋天庄稼成熟时,田野 变得一片金黄。


The color of Yellow, because of its unique symbolic meaning, is very important in Chineseculture. In feudal society, it represents the rulers’ power and authority. At that time, the colorwas exclusively used for the emperor—the royal palace was painted yellow and the imperialrobe was always yellow. However, the ordinary people were forbidden to wear clothes of thecolor yellow. In China, it also signifies harvest. The fields grow golden yellow in autumnwhen the crops mature. People celebrate the harvest cheerfully.

功夫(Kung Fu)是中国武术(martial arts)的俗称。

中国武术的起源可以追溯到自卫的需要、狩猎活 动以及古代中国的军事训练。


它已逐渐演变成 了中国文化的独特元素。

它作为中国的国宝,功夫有上百种不同的风格,是世界上练得最多的武术形 式。


Kung Fu is commonly known as the Chinese martial arts, the origin of which can be traced back to the need of selfde-fense, hunting activities and military training in ancient China. It is one kind of Chinese traditional sports. The young and the old often practice it. It has gradually evolved into the unique elements of Chinese culture. As a national treasure of China, there are hundreds of different styles for Kung Fu, which is most common forms of martial arts. Some of styles imitate the movement of the animals, and some are inspired by Chinese philosophy, myths and legends.在山东省潍坊市,风筝不仅仅是玩具,而且还是这座城市文化的标志。

潍坊以“风筝之都”而闻名, 已有将近 2400 年放飞风筝的历史。

传说中古代哲学家墨子用了三年时间在潍坊制作了世界上首个风 筝,但放飞的第一天风筝就坠落并摔坏了。


据说他的风 筝用木头和竹子制作,飞了三天才落地。

In the city of Weifang, Shandong province, kites are not just toys, but also a sign of the city culture. Weifang is famous for "the kite", having a history of nearly 2400 years of flying kites. It is said that the ancient Chinese philosophers spent three years on making the first kite in the world , but the first day of the flying kites had dropped and broken. Some people believe that the kite was invented by ancient Chinese carpenter, Lu Ban. It has been said that his kite is made of wood and bamboo, falling to the ground after flying three days.乌镇是浙江的一座古老水镇,坐落在京杭大运河河畔。

这是一处迷人的地方,有许多古桥、中式旅店 和餐馆。




无数宽敞美丽的庭院藏身 于屋舍之间,游客们每到一处都会有惊喜的发现。

Located on the riverside of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Wuzhen of Zhejiang Province is an ancient water town. It is a fascinating place with many bridges, Chinese hotels and restaurants. Over the past millennium, the water system and the way of life in Wuzhen has not changed much. Wuzhen is a museum of ancient civilization. All the houses of Wuzhen are built of stone and wood. For centuries, the locals built dwellings and markets along the river. Countless beautiful and spacious courtyards hide between houses. Visitors will be taken by pleasant surprise wherever they go.1.云南省的丽江古镇是著名的旅游目的地之一。


丽江到 处都是美丽的自然风光,众多的少数民族同胞提供了各式各样、丰富多彩的文化让游客体验。

历史上, 丽江还以“爱之城”而闻名。


如今,在中外游 客眼中,这个古镇被视为爱情和浪漫的天堂。

The ancient town of Lijiang in Yunnan province is one of the famous tourist destinations。

Its living rhythm is slower than that of most other Chinese cities。

Lijiang is full of natural beautiful sceneries, where numerous minority nationalities provide rich and varied cultures in order to give tourists a different experience。

Historically, Lijiang was also known as “ the city of love”。

Plenty of stories about living for love and dying for love have been spread among the natives。

Nowadays, the old town equals the paradise of love and romance in the eyes of Chinese and foreign tourists。


这项比赛证明是促进中国世界其他地区文化交 流的好方法。


来自 87 个国家共计 126 位选手 聚集在湖南省省会参加了从 7 月 6 号到 8 月 5 号进行的半决赛和决赛。

比赛并不是唯一的活动,选手 们还有机会参观了中国其他地区的著名景点和历史名胜。

The annual Chinese speech contest for foreigners was held in Changsha this year。

The contest proves to be a good way to promote cultural exchanges between China and other parts of the world。

It offers the young all over the world an opportunity to know more about China.126 candidates from 87 nations gathered in the capital of Hunan province to attend the semifinal and the final from July 6 to August 5。

Besides the contest, the candidates also got a chance to visit famous tourist attractions and historical interests in other parts of China。


他们对孩子的(唯一)要求就是努 力学习,考得好,能上名牌大学。

他们相信这是为孩子好,因为在中国这样(竞争)激烈的社会里,只 有成绩好才能保证前途光明。

中国父母还认为,如果孩子能在社会上(取得)大的成就,父母就会受到 尊敬。


Chinese parents have frequently tended to pay too much attention to their children's study, so that children don’t help them do the housework. Their only requirement for their children is to study hard, perform well in the exams, and go to a famous/prestigious university. They believe it is good for their children, because in such a highly competitive society, only good results could ensure a promising future. Chinese parents also believe that parents will be honored if their children can achieve great success in society. Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice their own time, hobbies and interests, to create much better conditions for children.1.中国是世界上最古老的文明之一。


中国现在拥有世界 上发展最快的经济,并经历着一次新的工业革命。

中国还启动了雄心勃勃的太空探索计划,其实包括 到 2020 年建成一个太空站。


同 时,它也在海外投资数十亿美元。

2011 年,中国超越日本成为第二大经济体。

China is one of the oldest cultures in the world, from which much that constructs the foundation of the modern world is derived. China is witnessing the fastest development ofits economy and experiencing a new industrial revolution. Also, China has started the ambitious program forexploring the outer space, including to complete a space station by2020. Currently, being one of the largest exporters in the world,China is attracting massive foreign investment. Simultaneously, it has invested billions of dollars overseas. In 2011, China surpassed Japan as the world’s second-largesteconomy.在西方人心目中,和中国联系最为密切的基本食物是大米。

长期以来,大米在中国人的饮食中占据很 重要的地位,以至于有谚语说“巧妇难为无米之炊”。

中国南方大多种植水稻,人们通常以大米为主 食;而华北大部分地区由于过于寒冷或过于干燥无法种植水稻,那里的主要作物是小麦。

在中国,有 些人用面粉做面包,但大多数人用面粉做馒头和面条。

In the eyes of the western, the basic food closest to China isrice. Rice has long occupied so significant a position in the dietof Chinese that there is a proverb “ Even a clever housewife cannotcook a meal without rice”. Rice is grown mostly in southern Chinawhere people usually take rice as their staple food, while itcannot be planted in northern China where the climate is either toocold or too dry for rice to grow. As a result, the main crop in thenorth is wheat. In China, flour is sometimes the main ingredientfor bread but more often used to make buns and noodles

3.据报道,今年中国快递服务(courier service)将递送大约 120 亿件包裹。

这将使中国有可能赶 超美国成为世界上最大的快递市场。


中国约有百万在线零售商以 及其竞争力的价格销售商品的机会,仅在 11 月 11 日,中国消费者就在国内最大的购物平台买了价值 90 亿美元的商品。


According to reports, this year, China‘scourier service will deliver about 12 billion parcels. This will make it possible for China to overtake the United States as the world's largest express market. Most of the items which were ordered online are contained in the parcels. In China, there are opportunities for millions of online retailers to sell their products with competitive prices. Only on November 11th, Chinese consumers have bought $9 billion worth of goods on the biggest shopping platform. China has many these kinds of special shopping days, so the expansion of courier service in China is not surprising..越来越多的中国年轻人正对旅游产生兴趣,这是近年来的新趋势。

年轻游客数量的不断增加,可以 归因于他们迅速提高的收入和探索外部世界的好奇心。

随着旅行多了,年轻人在大城市和著名景点花 的时间少了,他们反而更为偏远的地方所吸引。


最近调查显示,很多 年轻人想要通过旅行体验不同的文化、丰富知识、拓宽视野。

More and more Chinese young people are getting interested in traveling, which is a new trend recently. The increasing number of young travelers can be attributed to the rapid growth of income and the curiosity to explore the outside world. With more travel, youngsters spend more time in remote areas rather than big cities and famous resorts. Furthermore, some of them would choose backpacking. Recent survey showed that many young people want to experience different culture, enlarge knowledge, and broader their horizon through traveling..大熊猫是一种温顺的动物,长着独特的黑白皮毛。


大熊 猫对于世界自然基金会有着特殊的意义。

自 1961 年该基金会成立以来,大熊猫就一直是它的徽标。


目前,世界上大约有 1000 只大熊 猫。



The giant panda is a kind of gentle animal with a black-and-white coat. It has been listed as an endangered animal due to its very limited number. The giant panda is of great significance to WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature). The panda has been its symbol since its establishment in 1961. The giant panda is the rarest animal of the bears, mainly living in the forests in south west of China. Now, there are approximately 1,000 giant pandas. The animal that mainly eats bamboo is facing many threats. Therefore, to ensure its safety is of greater importance than before。

3.中国的互联网社区是全世界发展最快的,2010 年,中国约有 4.2 亿网民,而且人数还在迅速增长。



美国网民更多的是受实际 需要的驱使,用互联网为工具发电子邮件、买卖商品、做研究、规划旅程或付款。

中国网民更多是出 于社交原因使用互联网,因而更广泛的使用论坛、博客、聊天室等等。

The Internet Community of China experienced the fastest development. In 2010, there were 420 million netizens and this number is still running upward. The popularization of Internet has brought about huge changes. Generally speaking, different form American netizens who are motivated by real necessities such as sending emails, on-line trading, doing research, travel planning and on-line payment, Chinese netizens use Internet out of the need for social communication. Therefore, they log more generally onto web forums, blogs and chatting rooms.


根据统计数据,中国消费者的消费 需求正在从基本生活必需品转向对休闲、舒适和个人发展的需求。

同时,中国人的消费观在蓬勃发展 的假日经济中正变得成熟。


另一方面,服务质量要 改善,以满足人们提高生活质量的要求。

The phenomenon of holiday economy shows that Chinese people’s consumption concept is undertaking great changes .According to statistics, the demands of Chinese consumers are shifting from the basic necessities of life to leisure, comfort and personal development .Therefore, the structure of products should be adjusted accordingly to adapt to social development. On the other hand, services should be improved to satisfy people’s demand for an improved quality of life.、.为了促进教育公平,中国已投入 360 亿元。

用于改善农村地区教育设施和加强中西部地区农村义务 教育(compulsory education)。

这些这些资金用于改善教学措施、购买书籍,使 16 万多所中小学受 益。



In order to promote equity in education, China has invested 36 billion yuan for the improvement of educational facilities in rural areas and strengthening of rural compulsory education Midwest. These funds were used to improve the teaching facilities, purchase of books, so that more than 160,000 primary and secondary income. Funds are also used to purchase music and painting equipment. Now children in rural and mountainous areas with children’s coastal cities like music and painting lessons. Some receive a better education for the city school students now transferred back to the local rural schools.2.中国应进一步发展核能,因为核电目前只占其总发电量的 2%,该比例在所有核国家中居第 30 位,几乎是最低的。

2011 年 3 月日本核电站事故后,中国的核能开发停了下来,中止审批新的核电站,并开展全国性的 核安全检查。

到 2012 年 10 月,审批才能又谨慎的恢复。


换句话说核能是可以安 全开发和利用的。

China should further develop nuclear energy because nuclear power accounts for only 2% of its total generating capacity currently. Such proportion ranks the thirtieth in all the countries possessing nuclear power, which is almost the last. After Japan’s nuclear power accident in March 2011, nuclear power development in China was suspended, so was the approval of new nuclear power plants. Alsonational safety check for the nuclear power was carried out. IT was not until October 2012 that the approval was prudently resumed. With the improvement of technology and safety measures, there is little possibility for nuclear accidents to happen. In other words, there won’t be any trouble to develop and exploit the nuclear power.3.中国教育工作者早就认识到读书对于国家的重要意义,有些教育工作者 2003 年就建议设立全民读 书日。


通过阅 读,人们能更好地学会感恩、有责任 心和与人合作,而教育的目的正是要培养这些基本素质,阅读对于中小学生尤为重要,假如他们没有 这个关键时期培养阅读的兴趣,以后要养成阅读的习惯就很难了。

Chinese educators have already realized the significance of reading for a nation. Some workers suggested that we have a national reading day in 2003. They emphasized that people should read good books especially the classic ones. Through reading, people can learn better how to be grateful, responsible and cooperative. The goal of education is to cultivate these basic personalities. Reading is especially important for middle and primary school students. Suppose they don't nurture the interest of reading at that key moment, it will be harder to develop a habit to read books.


精心准备的中餐既 可口又好看。


但好的烹饪都有一个共同点,总是要考虑到颜色、 味道、口感和营养(nutrition)。



Many people like Chinese food. In China, cooking is not only regarded as a skill but also an art form. The well/carefully-prepared Chinese food is tasty and displayed beautifully. The way of cooking and selection of ingredients vary greatly across China. However, good cooking has one thing in common, that is, to always consider colors, smell, tastes and nutrition. As food is vital for our health, good cooks always make an effort to maintain balance between grains meats and vegetables. Thus, Chinese food is both delicious and healthy.2."你要茶还是咖啡?"是用餐人常被问到的问题,许多西方人会选咖啡,而中国人则会选茶,相传, 中国的一位帝王于五千年前发现了茶,并用来治病,在明清(the qing dynasties)期间,茶馆遍布全 国,饮茶在六世纪传到日本,但直到 18 世纪才传到欧美,如今,茶是世界上最流行的饮料(beverage) 之一,茶是中国的瑰宝。


"Would youlike tea or coffee?" Meals are frequently asked questions, many westerners will choose coffee, and the Chinese will choose tea, according to legend, a Chinese emperor discovered tea in five thousand years ago, and used to heal, inthe Ming and qing dynasties , tea houses all over the country, tea drinking spread to Japan in the 6th century and spread to Europe and the United States,but it was not until the 18th century today, tea is one of the most popular beverage in the world, tea is the treasure of China. Is also an important part of Chinese tradition and culture..中国结最初是由手工艺人发明的,经过数百年不断的改进,已经成为一种优雅多彩的艺术和工艺。


“结”在中文里意味这爱情丶婚姻和 团聚,中国结常常作为礼物交换或作用饰品祈求好运和辟邪。

这种形式的手工艺代代相传,现在已经 在中国和世界各地越来越受欢迎。

The Chinese knot was originally invented by the craftsmen. After hundreds of years of continuous improvement,has become a kind of elegant and colorful arts and crafts. In ancient times,people use it to record the event,but now used mainly for decorative purposes. The knot means love, marriage and reunion in Chinese,knot is often used for jewelry as a gift exchange or pray for good luck and ward off evil spirits,This form of handicrafts from generation to generation, it has become increasingly popular in China and around the world.